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Location–based intelligence. Is it the missing piece in your business decision puzzle?



Spatial Decisions has as its core services:
  • spatial empowerment of business data
  • implementation and integration of the MapInfo suite of products into businesses
  • spatial analysis of data provided or prepared
  • decision support reporting based on the spatially enabled data
  • preparation of management/accountability mapping, imagery and presentations
  • customised training and technical support (on–site and other)
  • advanced spatially related demographic analysis
  • project development and management relating to data visualisation and location intelligence
  • preparation of custom mapping (both hard–copy and computer enabled) to meet client needs
  • provision of spatial analysis in digital (image and HTML formats, etc) and printed outputs
  • delivery of presentations based on spatial analysis at senior management forums
  • business intelligence support
  • other services as appropriate.


Spatial Decisions is proud to be the distributor of two exciting products that work within MapInfo Professional and further enhance its capabilities – HotSpot Detective and MapAnimated.

HotSpot Detective Logo Click logo to left for demo of Hotspot Detective (Animated GIF – 74KB)

HotSpot Detective is an easy to use add–on to MapInfo Professional that generates hotspot surfaces and performs key analytical tasks. The methods it uses have been tried and tested by the leading crime mapping agencies around the World and are recommended in guidelines for identifying hotspots of crime and disorder. Now the hand–cuffs are off and HotSpot Detective is available for all users of MapInfo Professional, whatever their industry sector.

Hotspots of business activity are often lost in the jumble when data is viewed simply as points. Similarly, aggregating point data to a boundary–based analysis can often lead to misunderstandings in the interpretation of results. Hotspot surface maps, sometimes called kernel density or point density surfaces, are a more effective way of viewing high volume point distributions. HotSpot Detective contains the ability to manually adjust all settings or use the default options.

The latest version of HotSpot Detective (v2.0) extends the existing functionality, which includes surface mapping and a time analysis technique known as Aoristic analysis, by adding other sophisticated time analysis functions as well as the capability to automatically detect and map repeat locations. A new "weighting variable" allows the user to select a field containing criteria that reflects the fact that not always does "one point equal one".

HotSpot Detective is distributed exclusively in Australia and other parts of the World (except Europe) by Spatial Decisions on behalf of JHR Systems.

For more information about HotSpot Detective, or to obtain an evaluation version, please email Spatial Decisions.

MapAnimated Logo Click logo to left for demo of MapAnimated (Animated GIF – 276KB)

MapAnimated allows you to create interesting and informative business animations by adding layers to define a business opportunity or by viewing your analysis in a temporal or spatial context from within MapInfo Professional.

Animations can be created using vector, raster or grid files and from any window within MapInfo Professional. Create an animation sequence that displays a map, then a browser, then a graph, and even a company logo. Alternatively, create an animation that builds a picture of a particular area by adding to the map a layer at a time, allowing the user to view the effects of each additional layer. Share your analysis with others in your organisation that need to know. Support better decisions by enabling others within your organisation to view your spatial analysis over the intranet or simply attached your animation to an email. All the recipient needs to view the animation is a web–browser, no GIS skill required.

MapAnimated is the perfect way to demonstrate change or visualise spatial or temporal trends in your data or visualise the spatial and temporal trends produced by HotSpot Detective.

MapAnimated is distributed exclusively by Spatial Decisions on behalf of GAH Systems.

For more information about MapAnimated, or to obtain an evaluation version, please email Spatial Decisions.