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Detect patterns and trends in your business data not obvious in traditional data analysis methods.

"Knowing where is just the beginning!" is MapInfo´s trademark and illustrates exactly what location–based intelligence (LBI) is about.

Location is the "where" in the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How equation. Without it, decisions made are going to be lacking in a vital element. With it, you have unlocked a world of opportunity previously unidentified in an asset you already retain – your own business information. Make more informed business decisions, share your organisations knowledge within your organisation and with key business partners, consider the effects of other data when viewed against your own business data – all of this is made possible through the application of "where" in your decision–making.

Spatial Decisions, through MapInfo´s world leading technologies, provides location–based solutions and services that assist organisations better understand their customers, competitors, assets, markets and structure to gain a competitive advantage and share information throughout the organisation. Location information – customer addresses, phone numbers, store locations, sales territories, even the location of a mobile serviceperson using a PDA – is the key element behind all this. It can also offer a wealth of other valuable information, including demographic and lifestyle data, customer buying patterns, competitor locations, routing directions, aerial and satellite imagery, infrastructure elements, etc.

One bad business decision can cost an organisation several million dollars; so ensuring that the "where" in the business equation is not omitted is critical in deterring organisations from making a bad decision. It also provides a scientific, objective approach to analysis and decision–making, rather than relying solely on opinions or "gut–feelings". This is extremely important in these days of increased accountability.

Spatial Decisions staff are experts in applying location–based intelligence in business situations. Unlike some companies that have professional salespeople, our staff approach issues from a practical application perspective. We can sit down with you, demonstrate the technology available using your business data and develop a proposal that is going to provide a solution to your specific business needs.

Location–Based Intelligence – unlocking a world of opportunity for your business.